Why the security services want to block the anonymizer?

Why the security services want to block the anonymizer?

Russian politicians are now actively discussing the possibility of banning the use of CGI proxies at the legislative level, as well as their pre-closure.

Opinions were divided officials

Proponents of this type of software is considered that confidentiality – this is one of the rights guaranteed to every citizen. Anonymizer can protect it, and actively promote opposition to cyber threats. Politicians who favor preserving an incognito on the network, do not discount the possibility of visiting sites apolitical, other negative factors for the state. Similar aspects are considered opponents of CGI proxies, assigning them to the category of virus software.

Unlike Chinese minded they do not hide behind the interests of business and say that simply is not permissible for citizens to visit Russia banned sites in the country. However, the “banned” list enter the portals for different purposes: from calling for riots to sites such rutracker are bright grain of knowledge and entertainment, even bypassing some formalities. Moreover, at a certain point I began to filter foreign traffic coming in both directions.

The ban seems anonymizers “godforsaken” affair

Attempts to close resources that provide intermediary proxy services, and thus ensure a semblance of privacy to nothing lead. After all, one indoor anonymizer dozens of similar accounts. Improving each only a matter of time, and for the state is a waste of resources. Though of course, you can set the DPI like Iran, which afford to reveal the secret anonymizers traffic, blocking it. But as a result, users are again returned to the proxy, which prohibit has no plans.

The Programme of Action, which collected millions of supporters

For example, the user will dare to run at Ultrasurf, the investigation of cyber crime committed with the use of his computer will likely reach a deadlock. Given the opportunity to start with a simple flash drives or cloud, the victim may be banking system, the official government websites.

Ultraserf program is a shining example of this, how easy it is to get around the existing guidelines for the control of foreign traffic. Many quietly read prohibited newspapers, visit the online stores that are accessed (that’s really really “somehow”) is closed. But it is not only the session for my gear, people acquire real estate, cheap, and other services. Apparently capital, which bypasses the pocket of a Russian businessman, is also concerned about government officials.

The increase in information security spending

A weighty argument in favor of the ban anonymizers became public safety. Russia is spending good money for police, armed forces, but the sphere of information technologies and crimes committed with their use, drop out of sight.

Meanwhile, the Internet is used for making not only of cyber crime (which is difficult to open) but also completely everyday law violations. The victim has become much easier to lure out of the house, not to mention the possibility of coordination of the collection of whole groups involved in the robbery.

But as usual there is a standard question: where is the line between a normal life and crime. Flashmob or desire to take a steam bath with full namesake – also fall into the category of suspicious events, if we look at them through the eyes of the security services.

Well, the most important argument from the standpoint of government officials: anonymizer ban to prevent the spread of the terrorist threat. It’s hard to compete with the professionals, they know better how to protect their citizens.