Why do I need to be anonymous on the internet?

Why do I need to be anonymous on the internet?

Observe the anonymity of the Internet must be from a number of important reasons:

  • guarantees optimal protection of all your accounts from breaking;
  • allowed to visit your favorite websites at the workplace;
  • an opportunity to lead a double life, secretly persistent fans;
  • allowed to attend the closed or restricted resources;
  • You can view the foreign portals a different orientation from the adult subjects to profitable sales.

However, there is a category of people for whom anonymity – is a fraud affiliate programs on the counters of subscribers and visits, as well as a great look into the prospect of Vulcan Casino incognito or have fun in the chat rooms.

As anonymity affect the safety of our accounts

However, nothing we do not care about the network as the full safety of use of a resource. It’s nice to know that a bank account is maintained, and personal correspondence will remain so as long as you do not choose to remove it. Most programs to hack based on gathering information about the user, which he left, visiting a variety of resources.
Update your account on your phone, checked into a browser multiplayer game, opened a new mailbox – all these actions are recorded by computer robots mounted on the portals, above all, in the interests of owners of sites. Need an estimate of attendance, high conversion, due to this there is a majority of the portals on the Internet. In addition, work and robots from the banking institutions in case you decide to take a loan or make a purchase on credit.
Thus, the less we are light in the network, the poorer will be the file to a specific user. Open your mailbox will never be linked to the completed telephone or bank account. However, to achieve such a result is possible, using a variety of methods to ensure anonymity. These include the replacement of a proxy, anonymizer and even some programs commit confidential mail hacking applied to their own account.

For corporate party anonymity provides great service

In the workplace, we are faced with a different situation. I would like to visit Odnoklassniki or Facebook, view photos or listen to music. Not everyone agrees is the chief endure, especially when there are restrictions on the traffic. Anonymizer not only hide your IP, or any other technical parameters, but also makes the encrypted traffic to the server, which can not determine the outbound point. This article further savings for corporate parties.

From the simple to the protection of the economic benefit

Today, many websites are closing their own resources do not allow them to attend with no entry fee or a special invitation. Bypass all protection systems are not always obtained. However, the program Ultrasurf you at least be able to produce intelligence and understand whether or not to spend money on abonementskuyu fee for attending the closed resource.
Again, there is access to the prohibition of political material published on the websites of the opposition, as well as in the world of Internet media, closed to the Russian Internet users. Actually, from what and started the program Ultrasurf better known as the eponymous anonymizer.
Anonymity on the web allows you to join the popular boutiques and sites like OLX, where sales take place in the virtual mode, and payment for the goods only after receipt.
So from a simple need to protect the anonymity of the network becomes part of the habitual life under an assumed name, to be more precise, the IP address.