UltraSurf download

UltraSurf download

Virtual Internet space is not significantly different from the real world. Despite the General openness of the network, it is also characteristic of censorship, restricting access and tracking visitors. The additional burden of surfing the Internet is confidentiality of information. The same cookies, greatly facilitating the life of users, contribute to the leak of personal data.

To find a consensus between the convenience of sailing on the waves of the Internet and its security, the application allows UltraSurf.download

Reliable Navigator, allowing not to run aground

To avoid pitfalls, especially difficult if you are unaware of them. Moreover, even visible chunks of icebergs blocking access to the website, cannot be overcome without appropriate skills. It was then that the need arises to hire an experienced Navigator, which translated into prosaic slang corresponds to: download UltraSurf, a standalone “light-weight” tool.

Additional factors speaking in favor of this software product, is the nature of its distribution. To download the utility for free directly from our web resource or via a torrent client. Access to Magnet and regular link open for all visitors to the website, requires no registration or dialogue SMS messages.

The advantages of UltraSurf should include more several factors:

  • the autonomy of the work package consists of a single module that does not require prior installation;
  • the lack of debris, the system registry and directories remain unchanged;
  • high density updates to the software.

When a program crashes, the user still gets the opportunity to clean the private part of the Internet surfing with the following run of the utility.

Another bonus from us, will be domestic users are able to download UltraSurf in Russian language with a fully intuitive interface.

Anonymity to the fore

In fact, the functionality of the application can be divided into three areas:

  • the assurance of anonymity;
  • access blocked Internet resources;
  • the security of sensitive information.

The utility creates a user for the additional channel, the client – proxy server, which allows Internet surfing anonymously. Additionally, this contributes to the high refresh rate proxies do not allow you to track the route of the connection.

Along with anonymity, the use of anonymizer allows you to bypass the blocking of various Internet resources. The proxy provides access to “local ” forbidden” sites.That is why, initially, the application focused on China with its famous “great firewall”.

Lovers to spend time in social networks also need UltraSurf, download product need for anonymity browsing and Classmates. Moreover soft will provide account management, including the possibility to remove the page from the server without the possibility of recovery.

Open paid Internet resources without the financial burden

Any item with a cost that makes you want to get it for free. It’s one of the reasons contributing to the increased attention of the user to the paid sites. Don’t spend your own money recklessly again will help UltraSurf. Russian language edition released, will allow you to do this without difficulty, thanks to the presence of easy-to-understand prompts.

An excellent example is the service of online cinema Megogo. To avoid hype and not to pay for the package, enough to download UltraSurf for free from our portal.

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