The program anonymizer

The program anonymizer

Modern anonymizer performs two functions in a virtual cyberspace: bypass locks and privacy. Being free, in fact, the Internet, however, not devoid of some limitations imposed by service providers for a number of reasons:

  • the fight against piracy;
  • political censorship;
  • restricting access on a regional basis.

To overcome the dependence on the exposed access barriers and designed an anonymizer program that provides access to the network through a proxy server.

The virtual realtor

As standard, a user accesses the Internet through a provider, receiving a private IP: static or mostly dynamic. However, even the impermanence of IP, allows to determine the caller’s geographical location with relative accuracy. This is enough to block regional access or transmit information about a person to a third party for targeted advertising.

This will help avoid cyber intermediary UltraSurf — free anonymizer, available from our web site without registration. The application has a broad database of proxy servers. In fact, the software acts as an intermediary: accepting the request from the user, it prepollical it on the proxy through which access to the specified Internet resource. As a result, the client IP is masked completely, moreover it hides the geographic location.

Working time

The desire to maintain the anonymity of the Internet is most acute inside the office or other working environment. Having access to the network, it is difficult to resist the temptation to visit social network, forum, another interesting resource. Even online shopping, is often produced from your work computer.

The presence of the program anonymizer in this case particularly relevant. Unfair, in the opinion of the employee, the management often blocks access to web sites, not directly linked to the activities of the company. But even, if possible, to visit the “left” resource in the workplace, there is still the risk of being exposed to the violation of labor discipline.

The presence of UltraSurf on a flash drive removes all the questions, access to the virtual space becomes open, whereas the routes of navigation of a user through the ocean of web sites is unknown.

Anonymity in all

Do not take this as paranoia, but online anonymity is not always enough to hide both visited Internet resources, and personal data. You must carefully cover their tracks, primarily on the PC’s hard drive. The required steps are quite simple:

  • to delete the history of visits;
  • erase cookies;
  • to clear the browser cache.

However, most users spending time inside of social networks, absolutely do not distinguish between the cache and the cookies on taste and color. However, to doubt their correctness is difficult, especially if the hand — free anonymizer, Stripping at the end of the session all private information automatically. Even in the event of an emergency, UltraSurf will eliminate private data when you next start the program.

The advantages of the application

Criteria predispose to the selection of UltraSurf as a proxy, be a free distribution of the software, and a number of other advantages:

  1. Autonomy and flexibility work. The application does not require installation, simply run the executable module of the program. It promotes mobility program, which is always handy on a flash drive or from our website.
  2. The absence of traces of work. Not clogging utility the system registry, directories and configuration files. To remove software from computer is sufficient to remove only the exe file.
  3. Background.

Additionally, the developer care about the user in the form of regular updates. Already released Russian version, are being prepared for publication under Linux.