The anonymity of the Internet

The anonymity of the Internet

To preserve the anonymity of the Internet is becoming increasingly difficult. This, is not exposed to doubt the phrase, as the actual visitors the social networking and audience of users who ignore public exposing themselves.

Indeed, privacy often required for advertising purposes, rather than as a means of espionage.Escalating targeted advertising, collects data on visitor resource and its queries in search engines. As a result, even through the Internet we are trying to cram terribly necessary gadget, which often just collects dust on the shelf since the second week after purchase.

Modern means of protection of private information

Much easier modern way of life built of a turtle. Leisurely exploring the world, she can always hide inside the shell of the annoying sentences. To ensure the anonymity of the Internet, require their own virtual shell.

Modern software technology to allow you to escape from Intrusive cyber surveillance in the following ways:

  1. The Tor System. Inside it create a chain of proxy servers, transmitting a request from a client to a particular web resource. In this way the user gets feedback.
  2. I2P technology. Even more complex arrangements, when the chain is branched at each of the nodes. As a result, the specific proxy contains only the part of the user request. Feedback has been going a completely different route.
  3. A programmatic approach. The application UltraSurf, implements the transfer of network packets the user’s computer – a web site by means of my own base proxy servers, encrypting communications data.

The first two methods reduce the speed of the connection, whereas the use of specialized software: program proxy server does not affect the loading time of the web resources.

As an anonymizer tool to bypass the lock

Desire modern user is far superior to the meager supply of promises to the Golden fish from the fairy woman. Man not only requires the anonymity of the Internet, programs should provide access to blocked resources.

Each of us are often faced with a situation of inability to visit the resource on a regional basis. What to say about the sites blocked by individual countries to protect intellectual and other property. Their unlock UltraSurf utility is also based on the anonymity of the Internet user IP. Therefore, the application initially focused on the East, helping billions of the followers of Mao to overcome the “Great Chinese Firewall”.

Anonymity in social networks

The average domestic Internet user needs Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte as well as beer requires the taranco. However, looking at other people’s pages, sometimes a person wishes to remain incognito. Each social network has a similar service over a cash equivalent. On the contrary, the program of Internet anonymity UltraSurf, provides this service for free.

Moreover, the app will provide access to the social network directly from your work computer without negative effects. Offline mode, no traces of the use of the program on the computer, cleaning at the exit of the visited sites on the Internet – anonymityat the highest level.

The last revision of the application supplemented with a multi-language interface, preparing editions for Linux users, as well as the portable version — under Android device. Alternative solution-download us free one-time, automatic regular updates will always keep it up to date.