Program proxy server

Program proxy server

Increasing the share of Internet communication in everyday life sharpens the acuteness of the question of user privacy. Of course, get paranoid there is no reason, however, to protect personal space makes sense. To make an anonymous private web surfing through UltraSurf – program, proxy server, outputting the user in the Internet.

The algorithm of the anonymizer

The basis of any software, IP masking, and, consequently, a specific person, is a proxy server. The program or user connecting to it is another question. Of course, a separate connection is inferior to automate the process through software, not allowing you to create complete anonymity.

On the contrary, access to the Internet through UltraSurf is produced by a special encrypted tunnel the client – base of private proxy servers, eliminating the ability of websites to track the real IP of the user. The next feature that stands out the program, the proxy will be changing regularly, with a frequency of more than a thousand times per hour. This makes it impossible to fully track your route connections.

Additional elements of information security of the client are mirror sites and data encryption through a key length of 256 bits.

Practical benefit

Any product must be if not material, the tangible benefits. Program, proxy serverwhich is the basis of functioning, provide the user with:

  1. Unlimited access. Blockages imposed by the provider, regional restrictions, and also banned on the forums, and other resources of virtual communication.
  2. A cloak surfing. The sites do not receive personal data of the client, preventing the potential threat of attacks and the real stream pushy promotional offers.
  3. Comfortable pastime in the workplace. The local lock does not hurt to visit a social network, and an unauthorized visit during working hours will go unnoticed.
  4. Anonymous browsing social media pages. This service is available directly within the network, however, requires payment. UltraSurf will provide the service absolutely for free.

Even fans of online shopping receive a number of benefits. This access to regional blocked Internet shopping and the lack of promotional offers for the same group of products after the purchase.

The selection criteria for specific product

The scales in favor of the choice of UltraSurf like programs proxy Internet connection, induces a number of positive features of the software.

First, the application is completely Autonomous. The product consists of a single executable module, available to work without installation. The app does not create extra files, no connection third-party dll processes the modification of the registry. To remove the software, it is sufficient to delete a single file.

The Internet program proxy is completely free, and mobile. The application can be run directly from a flash drive. Even forgetting USB drive at home you can quickly and free download removal tool from us (registration is not required), then anonymizer your Internet surfing at work. Before the end of the day, simply close the app – entire offline compromising your Internet action will be automatically destroyed.

An abnormal termination of the utility, re-start will clear the results from a previous session. Connecting to the Internet via a proxy server, the app provides anonymity within the network and the computer or mobile device.