How to hide your ip on the internet?

How to hide your ip on the internet?

The easiest way to hide your IP on the Internet – is to use a proxy server service settings of the Firefox browser, or any other, which allows you to customize your connection settings.

Anyone can find a list of addresses of good (working) the proxy will be able to change as often as the situation requires. At the same time Mozilla allows manual or automatic setting, the option “no proxy” for specific discussion uninteresting.

Today, however, it developed a number of programs, greatly facilitating the task of those who can not get to your favorite site or wants to defend against cyber attacks. Very relevant selective approach to the utilities works. Therefore, not knowing how to hide your IP address online, you should look similar to a software Freegate.

Users can create their own lists of sites, to apply the default proxy, as well as the resources that will be added over time. Almost always, the program chooses the operating server, with a few exceptions. Then, you can change the proxy by simply pressing the appropriate key, without switching to the Firefox preferences.

How to hide your IP address on the Internet: many recipes, and a mechanism

Presented anonymizing network, proxy support mechanisms to varying degrees at all. Automatically update addresses those that suddenly “fell” to work – is the main task of each of the utilities. Ease of use and priority determined by the developed software provides a connection to the mirror server software, the speed of their presence and perhaps the ability to use a kind of aggregator of links.

Therefore, the question of how to hide your IP on the Internet, even the student will tell you that using a proxy, but with further details likely to experience problems.

Features of software for accomplishment

Ultrasurf developers find their own approach to the creation of anonymity online. The above mechanism also lies at the heart of the program. However, its capabilities extend far beyond simply changing the electronic address of the computer. The program uses an encrypted tunneling and several mechanisms remain secret developers.

When data transmission is used a long encryption key, which does not allow to view confidential correspondence to third parties. The program cleans cache, cookies. So do not remain traces of your stay online even on the device, where the entrance was made.

Extras in Ultrasurf was no need to install the program. Just launched, wanted to go – you close the window. And running the utility allows you to view banned websites run into classmates, in parallel with this work all the portals are open, and there is no connection between their operation and use Ultraserf. Perhaps this is the easiest way to hide your IP address on the Internet, moreover, extremely economical. The utility is distributed freely and already has millions of users.

Russian alternative Ultrasurf

Speaking on the topic of how to hide your IP on the Internet is impossible to avoid the Tor browser-side or the anonymizer, which also uses a system of mirror and proxy encrypted tunneling. For more robust protection is built a whole chain of ip addresses, it was impossible to keep track of the initial and final points of the connection.

It was with the advent of this anonymizer in RuNet were published messages about the need to ban such confidentiality. However, 2 or even 3 years, officials can not reach a consensus. Since it is taken into account the postulate of the right of users to protect themselves from cyber attacks and at least this way, using anonymizer at different levels.