How to ensure complete anonymity on the Internet?

How to ensure complete anonymity on the Internet?

For each user, the concept of anonymity on the Internet is vague. Some people believe that it is necessarily taken a false name, a nickname coined successfully Neum.

Attitude to online privacy, how to achieve it

For more serious customer anonymity on the web – is primarily an opportunity to visit the portals, whenever you want and still be noticed by employers, friends and competitors.
There are also those who use all kinds of cheating likes, adding currency in social networks, subscribers. They need privacy from security systems, as well as counters exposed by default on various portals. This applies to those who are engaged in business, becoming an affiliate marketer.
It remains unaffected by the category of persons who wish to attend prohibited, closed, or simply blocked (for them personally) portals. This category includes not only political resources, but also a network of foreign online stores from luxury homes to be the usual boutiques.

Going by the simplest way

Each kind of anonymity can be achieved in various ways. The simplest seems to be: the change of proxy servers. This is convenient, since it is easily done by making changes to the settings on the Internet a lot of free proxy servers, which can catch the right list. Path selection is even easier, if for example, download and install the Frigate.
This will give anonymity when visiting specific sites, but does not guarantee it, if a user accidentally enters the portal is not listed as a utility said. It is also obvious signs will visit foreign resources for the observation of security eyes.

Specialized software for visiting social networks at work

Some guarantee confidentiality variety of anonymizer. With all the shortcomings: slowness, inability to perform specific actions, – they provide incognito each user in the eyes of employees or family members. You can always stay informed about events occurring on your favorite social pages. But illegal portals can still remain closed.

Full confidentiality of the network, who and how it ensures

However, very different possibilities offers Ultrasurf program, which went back to the eponymous Chinese anonymizer. The utility was originally used exclusively methodology “disguises” the forbidden connections, both incoming and outgoing. Just as the SMTP protocol operates. Knows two addresses: the sender and recipient, as reported by the server and passing a closed package, without delving into the details of the contents.
Since the time when the anonymizer Ultrasurf invented Chinese dissidents, much time has passed and a million-strong army of fans, users, added software enhancements.
Now, the program uses an additional proxy SLR, packed into a miniature size, is carried by a flash drive through, the cloud.
Utility, in principle, can be stored in a computer or phone. But when it is desirable to maintain maximum privacy, just select the appropriate severity and Ultrasurf itself removed from your electronic device, leaving no trace in any of the memory registers itself and all that has been done through it.

An alternative, but still not good enough

Today, there are a number anonymizers kind. Using the basic principles laid down in Ultraserf software, programmers create a corporate connection, bypassing the toll server. However, the Chinese original perfection has no reached as low speed and limited some operations still spoil the impression of the work of alternative solutions.