How to delete a page at classmates

How to delete a page at classmates

The situation when creating your own profile requires more time than is removal the classic and not surprising. On the contrary, the audience of subscribers of a very popular Russian social networking argue this statement. Really, how do I delete a page in Facebook forever immediately and the task is extraordinary, or rather remained so until recently.

Anonymizer wide profile

Despite its small size, utility UltraSurf effectively solves the problem of anonymous surfing, and has a number of additional features that contributes to its popularity. The functionality of the latest version of the software includes:

  • the site blocking of any type, local, regional, or directly by the administration of the web resource;
  • complete privacy, pages visited do not receive personal information of the user;
  • disguise your own Internet activity on the computer is destroyed all offline content, including surfing history, cache and cookies;
  • anonymous browsing in Friendster, this service is similar to the service of the social network, but with a difference – It’s doing it for free.

A worthy addition to the wide range of possibilities of the program was the feature that allows how to delete a page in Classmates, and to do it directly from the servers of the social network.

The elimination of their own profile than inferior service to Classmates

We can immediately identify three key criteria in favor of UltraSurf :

  • Finance;
  • time;
  • easy.

Instant account deletion social network — service is often paid. Willing to do it without spending money, wasting time filling out forms: select the reason of leaving the network, a number of other unnecessary explanations. Find the option how to delete a page at Classmates — also not an easy task.

On the contrary, the UltraSurf interface allows you to do it in one click. The latest version of the program will simplify the procedure to a minimum by the presence of the Russian menu. Additionally, the user is given the choice: how to remove page at Classmates certain content and all of its contents. The undeniable advantage is the fact that deleted data instantly disappear from the network server.

Complete freedom of action

The absence of censorship, the app cleverly bypasses any locks and firewalls, as well as completely anonymous surfing – allows you to visit social networks, even during working hours. Installed by a system administrator of the exception to access to particular web resources do not apply if you connect through UltraSurf.

Therefore, even while at the workplace, you can carve out a few moments to anonymously view other people’s pages on Facebook, how permanently deletetheir own account, and part of his content. At the end of the session, all your actions will be completely erased from the hard disk of the computer. Utility removes:

  • the history of surfing;
  • the offline cache;

Your moment of weakness at work is completely invisible to management.

Initially the app had a limit on the browser, working exclusively with Internet Explorer.Updated edition workable on Firefox, Chrome and other popular browsers.

Adds a freedom to the user autonomy software. The application does not require installation, can be run from USB stick, allowing you to get into the Internet through programs from any computer. No modifications to system areas, adding processes, or creating files — leave no trace usage of the program. Therefore, to remove Classmates from the page as a media fragment, and the entire profile is available even with the Internet cafes.