How does Anonymizer?

How does Anonymizer?

Today, the network decided to use anonymizer, people do it at home, at work, in public places. Since this is the usual programs that enable the following:

  • hide from the eyes of his superiors the true adventures of the network;
  • Do not allow administrators to strict social networking chats or to block the account;
  • hide from scammers your real mailbox.

The work program on simple examples and comparison

The main principle of the Anonymizer can consider the example of the proxy work, change which is not difficult.
Wishes to register on the same portal are often faced with the fact that a single IP can make the same number of accounts. Using proxy lists, which is on the Internet or frigate program, the user will easily solve your specific problem. The same mechanism is laid down in the work anonymizer. It is easy to verify that the speed of web browsing does not change, all current functionality is retained.
However, this is only one side of the coin. Anonymizer program has other objectives, make a visit to the user invisible, not only for the selected portal server, but also for network services, taking traffic away from you. In fact, they need to encrypt the IP address of a particular user, it is desirable to make the invisible opening is not recommended pages on a computer company.

Ultrasurf – a universal solution to all problems

That’s just to deal with the latter not every utility. One of the most well-known programs that can provide complete anonymity – is Ultraserf, offers innovative solutions in this field and maintains absolute secrecy of his achievements.
Working in Ultrasurf window, user is noticed not only the network services, but the very fact of input from the computer to the Internet is not confirmed (not detected).
Just being in close proximity when the start of the program has already been committed, an outsider can notice visiting internet pages. However, if you want to find any clues: in the computer’s memory, cache, cookies, – he will face a complete absence of traces of both the program and all that it performs.
By this excess of secrecy prompted programmers Chinese authorities have established strict censorship network. First of all, this limitation banned political reading materials, but the main reason for such strict rules to sites – namely economic security of Chinese businessmen. It is believed that in this way the state protects the competitiveness of local businesses.

It’s not the price, but as a defense

Today, operating both free and paid anonymizer. Their capabilities differ. Although we can not say that the options available on the board worse. They are not inferior in speed, the amount of data transmitted. But do not trust the first to discover sites that provide anonymizer service.
It is better to read the reviews of users. This is necessary for several reasons. Using a secret box to hide the e-mail address of the computer, the program code does throw, with which you can pick up a virus. Also, not everyone works like Anonymizer Ultrasurf, where there is a “dressing” of the text message input and output. This intermediary side sees only permissible to transfer form without having access to its content (it seems to work the SMTP protocol). Therefore, confidentiality is guaranteed with Ultraserf can not be said of all utilities without exception given direction.