Anonymous browsing and classmates

Anonymous browsing and classmates

The massive fascination with social networking makes this piece of cyberspace real part of the daily life of a person. Not surprisingly, the virtual territory is also characterized by a situation when I want to look at the questionnaire from the outside, without identifying himself, in other words – connect to Classmates through the anonymizer. Moreover, additionally it solves a number of problems:

  • the bypass blocking access to social networks at the office;
  • overcoming the ban by the administration of the social network;
  • the opportunity to visit the page for working time.

Given a set of benefits provides a standalone program anonymizer – UltraSurf.

The advantage of anonymous viewing of pages independently

Directly, the service provide Classmates the opportunity to visit other people’s profiles in the mode “invisible”, however, the service is available for a fee. To avoid unnecessary financial costs will help the anonymizer Classmates – alternative method “quiet” viewing other people’s pages. This option guarantees the independence of services from internal service, ensuring a visit to the private content of other people’s profiles, even if your account has been blocked.

Additional benefits to using the access to Classmates via an anonymizer, associated with a software implementation of UltraSurf. This tool is an. exe file that you run directly, without installation. This makes using the app, allowing it to run in a variety of ways:

  • with a disk drive on a computer;
  • using a USB drive;
  • pre-downloading on the PC.

The program creates files, and does not modify the system area: the registry, configuration files. To remove the application from your computer, it is sufficient to delete the executable file. This mobility software allows to secretly use it on any PC, saving not only network, but also complete anonymity.

Safe access to social networking under strict conditions office environment

There is another incentive to use anonymizer Classmates. My page – private user account in the social network, can be visited even at work completely anonymously.Your system administrator will not be able to keep track of this fact.

Some office PC does not allow the installation of third-party software, however the application successfully bypasses this factor, starting directly from the stick.

By visiting Classmates anonymizer , you should not worry about the local traces of their presence on the website. The utility automatically cleans the history and cookies after work with her. On abort, the program will perform the process on the next start.

Allowed to work even when the internal blocking social networking websiteOdnoklassniki, my page anonymizer program using a special encrypted tunnel.The latter connects office or another PC using proxy servers. A solid base of servers, the frequent change of proxy, the encoding of the transmitted packets – guarantee anonymous browsing in Friendster, a different social network.

System support by the developer

Download the app for free, forget about filling out registration forms, you can now. To do this it’s recommended due to a number of innovations available in the latest software version: Russification of the interface, increasing the range of browsers for anonymous browsing. The nearest plans of developers expect to make a software product available to users working on Linux.