Anonymizer any sites

Anonymizer any sites

Ultrasurf small computer application in a short time turned into anonymizer that will open any blocked site. Initially, before the utility task was to bypass the censorship that the Chinese government has established the Internet. Parallel to this, there was a need to modify the software to full anonymizer that will open any site and do not leave traces about who exactly went to visit him.
However, even then, it was not yet possible to hear the phrase: “Take anonymizer, open any website.” This council came to the rank of cruise, when they began to appear Block User page. It is so to speak the first “penal” Internet. Together with them, the idea began to emerge as better to anonymizer that will open any site and will make it adhering to the following rules:

  • fast;
  • allow for a long time to stay in touch;
  • Work is not the main traffic will be blocked;
  • Automatically priberet all traces of use.

Anonymizer Ultrasurf solve any of the problems outlined. Therefore, it was used by office workers, which at the dawn of the Internet was becoming clear: the network is better to use incognito, even if the desired portal is not blocked.
Technical implementation of Anonymizer, which will open any blocked site, is achieved by the possibility of “changing» IP address to another. However, as the site owners began to defend themselves not only on IP addresses but also by URL, anonymizer “open any blocked site” – did not stop their work, which makes us think about a much more serious implementation of the application.

Want to open a locked portal: Ultrasurf – best help for it

Over time, the possibility of anonymizer greatly widened, if earlier it was used only by Firefox or Explorer, today it will open any blocked site on your mobile phone or tablet.
In addition, any Anonymizer site is made possible through the use of cloud technology. So today by starting your computer and log in Yandex disc Ultrasurf run the application, it will open a window, through which, and will be visiting Internet incognito.
As seen anonymizer “open any blocked site” – there is no need at all to download at the electronic device. Connecting the Anonymizer site is any cloud, added sense of security.
It is important that we are here not only on the locked resource, Ultrasurf Anonymizer any site make invisible to the software environment on the desktop, as well as hide the fact of your stay on it for a server. That’s it for such a two-way “conductivity” users liked this Anonymizer for any blocked sites.
In addition, users do not cease to be interesting visit blocked resources of the Russian Internet traffic. Ultrasurf otroet portals dating, search engines, news of foreign domains. This fall, a simple flea market and luxury boutiques around the world. Also open our portals, access to which is provided after filling the account or payment profiles.
Using Anonymizer “open any blocked site” in the latter case is useful as a tool to study the resource, in order to understand whether it is worth to visit it in the future.
It remains to recall that the flash drive or mobile device can also be used to transfer the utility on the computer where Ultrasurf open any locked resource.