Access blocked sites for free

Access blocked sites for free

It is considered that the Internet is the territory of freedom. However, the practice, as always, breaks stereotypes. Modern Internet, becoming hostage to increase profit and political intrigue does not allow the user to visit any web resource.Part of the sites is blocked on a regional basis, the other — on the basis of decisions of the court due to copyright infringement. There are politically motivated blocking, characteristic for the countries with authoritarian rule: China, Russia or the unrecognized republics.

To regain freedom in cyberspace, open access to blocked sites for free will help application UltraSurf.

The winner of the “Great Chinese firewall”

The original goal of the creators of the utility had a desire to help to circumvent Internet censorship to Chinese users of the network. The project was so successful that it quickly got beyond the “Eastern region”. Today UltraSurf – optimal solution, ifthe blocked site. Free access is restored within a few seconds with a simple start of the program.

The utility algorithm is built on the establishment of the encrypted channel connecting a customer with one of its own proxy servers. Transmitted network packets are encrypted on the basis of the 256-bit key, ensuring the security of transmitted information. High anonymity facilitates regular change proxies, and in some cases the frequency exceeds a thousand times in an hour.

The result of smart algorithm is the access to the site for free, regardless of the type of lock: local, regional, or Internet service provider. Domestic users found the application of this effective, easy to manage, utility. The app is often used for visiting social networking with office computers that has its advantages:

  • complete blocking of resources by the system administrator of the organization;
  • the pastime inside the social network unbeknownst to management;
  • on the hard drive of the office computer is not “incriminating evidence”.

However, the software has another useful feature that became available with the latest version of the program.

Unlock to paid services

This option was missing from earlier implementations. However, the development of the Internet, accompanied by the commercialization of the network, has forced application developers to respond.

As a result, UltraSurf allows you to free access sites that are blocked or require payment of the provided service, for example ad-free version of online cinema Megogo.

Useful is the software for anonymous lovers visit the pages of social networks.Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte give the stealth mode as a paid service. Connecting to social networks through UltraSurf you can anonymously view any account and edit your profile or delete it in one click.

Work offline and counter local lock

To circumvent IP blocking – another reason, to download UltraSurf right now. The utility does not require installation, providing free access to the sites immediately after launch. This allows you to keep the app on the flash drive, ensuring the mobility of its application on any computer. During the work the program does not create its own “garbage” on the hard drive, system area remains untouched.

The ability to run in the background completely eliminates the problem of blocked website, free access is guaranteed to any web resources, including those paid or which the user had to ban by IP address.