Anonymous surfing on the Internet

Anonymous surfing on the Internet

anonymous surfing on the Internet is beyond the scope of cleaning my browsing history and cookies of the browser. Complete anonymity of the user is achieved by technology of network connections, requiring the use of proxies: single servers or combined in a system such as Tor. However, the drop in the speed of access to web pages, together with a low level of security do Tor acceptable solely to solve local

To provide a comfortable safe surfing anonymously allows specialized software UltraSurf.

The anonymizer in the full sense of the word

Anonymity apps are not only limited to cyberspace. The utility is a single executable module that runs without prior installation. This allows hybrids software on a USB stick, making anonymous surfing in the Internet and even mobile, that is accessible from any computer.

When working with the utility it does not leave any traces on the device: the system area remains unchanged, there is no creation of new files. Therefore, the output of the network with someone else’s or your work computer will remain completely undetected. Even the system administrator will not be able to trace a user has visited the page.

At the end of the session the program cleans personal data: cache, history, cookies list. An abnormal termination of the application, the user is given the opportunity to remove confidential content of the last session, leaving private anonymous surfing.

Remaining invisible on social networks

Effectively use UltraSurf to visit social networking. The program performs three functions:

  • anonymous browsing;
  • the bypass is access;
  • to safely dilute the working day with a five-minute virtual communication.

The well-known fact neprihotliva the guidance of the staff does not find understanding at last. Production to circumvent a lock or safe to visit the resource will help anonymizer. Classmates, Vkontakte, other social networks will become available again from the office computer.

On the contrary, in the case of a verbal prohibition when using these resources, all the Classmates page a user views on the condition of anonymity, even for the system administrator of his company.

Additional features

On the Internet anonymous surfing is not only used to hide your presence on certain web sites. Often the only way to bypass regional or political blocking.

The use of encrypted tunneling channel, connecting the user computer with the database of proxy servers, ensure the availability of any Internet resource. In such a situation, anonymous surfing pales into insignificance, however, it remains important to avoid targeted advertising.

Pleases the fact of constant attention to software product by its developers. Concern for the user is not limited to regular updates, and for radical improvement of the service.

For example, the first versions allowed for automatic work exclusively with Internet Explorer. Today, anonymous visits to web resources maintained by the application through other popular browsers such as Mozila Firefox or Chrome.

In addition there were Russian-language edition UltraSurf, providing comfort, convenience of program use with anonymous surfing on the Internet.

Future aspirations the makers of the utilities are directed to universalization of product: release version functioning on Linux, other OS. Therefore, stopping the choice on UltraSurf, the user can expect new surprises from the program.